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Elevate performance. Accomplish goals. Achieve success.
How will you move beyond your current benchmark?

benchmark (‘bench × märk): An established point defining your current position from which future progress can be measured based on performance, desired goals, outcomes, and specific results.

Moving beyond the benchmark may be as simple as trying something new, or as difficult as facing our roadblocks, obstacles, or re-occurring nemeses. Our benchmark is where we are here and now—there is always the opportunity to improve.

If you want different results, you need to act differently. If you want to act differently, you need to think differently. If you want to think differently, you need to stay open. Staying open is about being conscious of our own behaviors and habits. Different habits, different actions, different results.

Avenues for thinking differently and nurturing change can be achieved through executive coaching, developing enhanced leadership skills, performing at a higher level, and thinking and acting more strategically.

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“With Ron’s help and reasonable structure, we have covered tremendous ground reviewing our team, our business, benchmarking our firm’s performance and our internal processes in just a few short months. Ron’s thoughtful provoking questions and benchmarking tools provide us with the ability for an honest, constant, and detailed self-evaluation of our business and its direction.”

Andy Anthony
Interface Technology NW

CoachingExecutive Coaching
Gain clarity. Sharpen your focus. Make better decisions.
Who is asking you the challenging questions?

Imagine...having a person who you can have a private, one-to-one conversation – in strict confidence. A person who can ask you the questions that no one else is asking, who provides insight and guidance, ideas and options that are not apparent to you, who shares perspectives that help you overcome your roadblocks and obstacles, and who ensures that you celebrate your successes. For most, this person is...an executive coach.

Executive leadership coaching will help you leverage your assets, seize opportunities, expand your comfort zone, and overcome your obstacles. With executive leadership coaching you will:

  • Clarify your wants and desired outcomes
  • Establish a plan to get you there
  • Develop the self-discipline to accomplish the necessary daily actions steps for achievement

Experience the power of executive leadership coaching. Contact us and you will find we care about you.


“Working with Ron as a business coach helped me and my firm navigate through a very tough economy. I gained valuable insight and support. Ron was someone that I could turn to in hard times. Ron is of the highest ethical standard and brings a tremendous amount of integrity, and business savvy to all that he does.”

Tony Pizelo
President & CEO
Pacific West Financial Group

Operational PerfomanceOperational Performance
Sharpen execution and accelerate results.
Is your bottom line growing beyond your expectations?

Performance is about execution…team execution. Add experience and knowledge to your team.

Increased operational performance results in more of the top line reaching the bottom line.  Regardless of operation function, whether a member of the executive management team or a front line performer, the success of your business is the result of everyone’s individual performance. Execution begins at the top with the CEO/business owner and their supporting executive management team. How strong is your team?

Fresh ideas, a different perspective, diversity of skill and experience, and expanded expertise can be added to your executive management team, without the financial cost and commitment to a full time executive position. The alternative executive hire expands your strategic thinking, enhances your management performance, and achieves bottom line results.

Strengthen your executive management team with part-time or interim executive experience. Contact us to learn how you can move beyond your current bottom-line performance.


“Ron has been absolutely crucial to our company’s growth, and our navigation though the difficult economic times. He calls himself a ‘thought provoker’ which indeed, he is. He is so much more His experience, insight, and depth of knowledge have been invaluable to our company. We will, no doubt, have a long relationship with this outstanding consultant.”

Mark Sparks
Visual Media Group

Leadership DevelopmentLeadership Development
Enhance your influence and empower your leadership. 
How effective is your leadership?

Leadership is about understanding and developing character…your character. 

Through our proprietary leadership training you will examine your actions and behaviors, and learn how to align them with your intentions.  You will learn how your behaviors become your habits, and how your habits determine your values.  Character is defined by your values and integrity.  Your values and integrity determine your destiny.

Empowering your character with the useful tools we provide, you will learn to better understand yourself and others, build effective teams, and provide the vision and direction to lead teams, groups, and organizations to success.  Together we will discover the uniqueness of each other, and to use our differences to create greatness.

Learn to practice the principles of executive leadership. Contact us to learn how you can engage you and your company in a life changing leadership experience.


“Ron has provided me with sound advice and counsel regarding corporate structure and leadership skills as well as best practices in leading and managing a professional services firm. He is a very capable advisor and coach; he worked with me through two years of change and growth challenges and was always available when needed. I would highly recommend Ron!”

Eric Overton
President & CEO

Strategic Planning
Compelling vision. Planned strategies. Proactive management.
How will you leverage the future in uncertain times?

The best way to predict the future is to…create it.

Build your strategic map to achieve success in an environment of consistent change. Prepare scenario plans that will guide your long and short term decision making, and develop winning strategies specific to current and future economic trends and conditions.

We assist businesses with a framework and process for understanding the availability of funding, tracking economic growth and industry trends, changing environmental regulations, political and policy initiatives, technological advances, and workforce availability on a regional, national, and global level. Scenario planning enables you to adjust to marketplace opportunities regardless of changing conditions.

Add predictability and managed growth to your strategies. Contact us for insightful and invigorating facilitation of your strategic planning process. The future is yours to achieve.



“Ron is a fantastic person to have in any busy executive’s network. He has fantastic insight in how to focus your efforts on a daily basis while making sure you continue to keep your eyes on the future and where you are going. Ron knows the right questions to ask to challenge you and get you where you want to be much faster than you would on your own. Knowing Ron has been extremely valuable to my company.”

John Brondello
Time Equipment