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Leadership DevelopmentPeer Leadership Exchange
Increase performance. Enhance leadership. Grow value.
Where do you learn what you don’t know?

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The Peer Leadership Exchange is the sharing of business knowledge and thought leadership for the purpose of creating value. These peer advisory groups are strengthened by the expertise and experience of participating members who share ideas and perspectives that you would not get otherwise. The result…a wiser CEO/business owner/executive who operates more efficiently, who leads more effectively, and who builds business value. Business value that, when harvested, yields personal wealth and financial security.

Members of the Peer Leadership Exchange groups see themselves as continuous learners, who are willing to share their experience to help others, and have the courage to face their challenges and to search for the underlying reasoning. They can accept challenge and feedback, are willing to change their perspective, and are willing to stretch their comfort zone. They are growth oriented…personally, professionally, and organizationally.

Review the peer advisory groups below and explore joining a group of your peers to create more value for you, your organization, and for those you care about and serve.


“The biggest advantage [our group] gives me is expert opinion from outside my business. It forces me to do what I should be doing. I can quickly gauge if I am headed in the right direction, and I can say that [our group] has saved my bacon during these challenging economic times.”

Jim McCall

CEO Strategists Group
Building New Markets – Growing Corporate Value

For mid-market businesses with annual revenues between $15.0 and $500.0 million, who want to expand their markets nationally and globally.  Through innovative and strategic processes, coupled with enhanced leadership, the members of the CEO Strategist Groups are oriented to expanding markets that will increase corporate valuation and shareholder value.

Contact us to explore your candidacy for one of our peer advisory groups of strategic thinkers.


“Ron does a great job of asking thoughtful questions that prompt consideration and introspection. He is caring and truly concerned about his clients and associates. Ron runs an effective and informational meeting.”

Lee Kilcup
Retired CEO
GLY Construction

Business Builders Group
Building Business Value – Creating Personal Wealth

For small and mid-size business owners with annual revenues between $1.0 and $15.0 million.  These closely held business owners see their enterprise as the mechanism for creating personal wealth. They are dedicated to increasing their competency as CEOs and enhancing their influence to lead and grow their business. Their end result is the transition of business ownership that creates their personal financial security. Their success depends on their performance.

Contact us to explore your candidacy in one of our Business Builders Groups.


“Ron has fantastic insight in how to focus your efforts on a daily basis while making sure you continue to keep your eyes on the future and where you are going. Ron knows the right questions to ask to challenge you and get you where you want to be much faster than you would make it on your own. Knowing Ron has been extremely valuable to my company.”

John Brondello
Time Equipment

Future Leaders Group
Building Tomorrow’s Leaders – Enhancing Personal Influence

For top executives who will have an expanding influence on the strategic and operational direction of their businesses in the future. The future leaders in these groups are proven executives whose success has positioned them for greater responsibility and opportunity.  They typically are department or division leaders and are minor shareholders in the organization. They desire to expand their competency in business operations and enhance their influence as leaders. They are the future leaders of corporate enterprises.

Contact us to explore your candidacy in a Future Leaders Group.


“Ron has an unbelievable ability to facilitate a group of leaders in a way that boils challenges down to the exact essence needed for a great takeaway. He helped me see and think about things from different angles which ultimately transformed by businesses.”

Dr. Darren White
Achieving Wellness Center

Practice Builders Group
Building Loyal Clientele – Creating Financial Performance

For trusted professionals who are responsible for a revenue stream and operate within an organization. Your value to your organization is based on creating value for your clients. The clientele you develop and repeatedly serve is directly related to your financial performance and the value you offer the organization you represent. You are seen by your clients as a trusted professional that offers them advice and counsel. Engaging with a group of executive peers, you will learn to better build a base of loyal clients, benefit from the advocacy of your fellow members, and celebrate an expanded business practice.

Contact us to explore your candidacy in a Practice Builders Group.

Joining a Peer Leadership Exchange group can move you beyond your benchmark to the next level.



“Being in a group led by Ron has helped me understand different ways to look at challenges and find different solutions. It is a place for me to explore ways to increase my capacity, improve the efficiency of my business, and to validate my ideas. Ron has creative ideas and a unique ability to ask the right questions. Join one his groups if you can’t answer your questions, or if you don’t know what questions to ask.”

Berry Zimmerman
Founder & CEO