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When do you reach final success? Find success and fulfillment from your passion.

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Meet the Thought Provoker

Smart. Creative. Caring.

Open to a thought provoking conversation? Contact Ron for the experience.

Ron Kranz works with CEOs, business owners and executives who are continuous learners. Because Ron will ask the questions no one else will, his clients continually say “You make me think”. Ron inspires people to think differently about their businesses and personal lives. Because they think differently, they produce unthinkable results.

Ron puts his talents and enthusiasm to work as an executive leadership coach, professional trainer, master facilitator, and business management consultant.

He leads and facilitates think tank peer groups of chief executives, small business owners, future leaders, and trusted professionals through his business management and leadership program – the Peer Leadership Exchange.

His business knowledge and practical experience has resulted in the synthesis of business methods into an innovative process for re-inventing business called – Business Re-conceptualization. Ron is oriented to helping people create business value and personal wealth.

Ron enjoys family, people, red wine, chocolate, gardening, gourmet cooking, bird watching, his two dogs and three cats, and a thought provoking conversation.

He is excited about seeing people help themselves and accomplishing unthinkable business and personal results. Ron ensures that you celebrate accomplishments and empathizes with you over hardships when then occur.

Ron encourages people to enjoy and be excited.


To inspire and educate business minded people, through a supportive and fun environment, to move beyond their current level of success to a higher level of fulfillment.

Founding Philosophy

Success and fulfillment come from the passion within us.

Core Values

Each of us is a unique individual. Our individual character is a collection of our behaviors and habitats. The distinctive traits we allow ourselves to possess will determine our destiny. At Beyond the Benchmark we are committed to physical, morale, and mental excellence in everything we do.

Committed to complete truthfulness and authenticity to ourselves and others. Willing to consider and accept perceptions of others, diversity, and change. Uninhibited in expressing our thoughts and feelings.

Pledged to follow the highest morale principles and standards of conduct and behavior.

Uncompromised in living a wholesome, flourishing, and prosperous lifestyle full of vigor. Balanced in our physical, morale, and mental soundness.

Engaged in our passions and interests.  Fulfilled with our achievements and successes.